As winter gets further and further in our rear view mirror, it becomes necessary to go through a bit of a beauty overhaul. We switch to lighter makeup, hair, and nail colors, but we sometimes neglect our skin. One of the questions that arise is; what products should we be using and which should we be avoiding? Serenity Skin Care suggests the following guidelines to assist in answering this question and helping you in making your Skin care treatment transition from Winter to Spring. 


MOISTERIZER: Due to the skin drying tendencies of harsh winter weather, there is a need to rebuild our skin and replenish the moisture that was lost. What exactly do you need to look for in a moisturizer? Keep an eye out for products that double as a moisturizer and a skin protectant. Use these products takes care of two issues in one product.  Hydrate + by COSMEDIX does just this! A daily moisturizing sunscreen SPF 17.     

 Sunflower oil and vitamin E work as emollients that trap moisture inside skin cells and keep the skin hydrated. Use alpha hydroxyl and beta hydroxyl acids, these help replenish dry skin. Another ingredient a moisturizer must-have is shea butter. Emulsion by COSMEDIX is blend of shea butter and jojoba oil in a liquid crystal formulation to quench dry skin 

EXFOLIATE VS CLEANSE: Sometimes, we feel like we have to give up one for the other as the season changes.  However, that’s not the case. Exfoliating works to help rid your skin of any dry, rough layers left over from the winter. When looking for the best scrub, avoid walnut shells or apricot pits, they are rougher exfoliates and can therefore irritate or tear the skin. Instead look for ingredients like brown sugar, or scrubs that contain beta hydroxyl acids. Exfoliating should really only happen once or twice a week however some skin types need more if congestion and acne is an issue, cleansing should ideally happen twice a day (morning and night). Using a mild, unscented cleanser will help to ensure your skin won’t be irritated. For exfoliation look up Pure Enzyme by COSMEDIX it’s cranberry enzyme mask which gently lifts away dull surface skin. For a great cleanser Benefit Clean by COSMEDIX is a hydrating cleanser for all skin types.

 SUN PROTECTION FACTOR/SPF: SPF, or Sun Protection Factor is a measure of how well a sunscreen will protect skin from UVB rays, the kind of radiation that causes sunburn, damages skin, and can contribute to skin cancer. 

 SPF is a must-have year-round, but now that the weather is warmer, we’ll all likely be outside more and therefore, there’s more of an emphasis on sunscreen. Make sure you know which works for your face and which for the rest of your body, because sometimes the formula for your body can cause the skin on your face to break out. Always use non-chemical sunscreens with ingredients like titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide, as these do not react with skin the way more  harsh chemicals do. Reflect and peptide rich defense are two COSMEDIX products which does great one in protecting ones skin from the sun.

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